Subterranean Survival Shelters

Imagine this:

The picture above shows what your home looks like on the surface.

The picture below shows what your home looks like below the surface.


Here are some of the Features:

Dome Roof Construction---- The dome is the most desirable roof construction for underground bunkers because the strength of the dome is exponentially greater than that of a flat or slanted roof.

Unexposed Air Ventilation and Filtration---- Your air supply is provided by a sophisticated system that is not exposed to the suface in any way which means that nobody can stop up your air supply. Also your air supply is exchanged with fresh air constantly. There will never be any build up of carbon dioxide or radon or carbon monoxide or any other undesirable gases or odors. In addition your air system will filter all of your incoming air supply so that you will never be breathing anything but fresh, clean , non-toxic air in your new subterranean survival shelter.

Self contained water supply----







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